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PanaSource Canada Group is a Global Trade Agency dedicated to providing value
priced quality products with great service where and when you need them!

PanaSource Operating Divisions

PanaSource Canada Group operates through the following Divisions

PanaSource Aerospace Division

Committed to the safe, secure, and profitable operation of your fleet. In addition to traditional product support, we provide a total package of integrated services including pilot training - a one stop source for all your aircraft servicing, operations, and lease needs.  Currently associated with Absolute Aviation.

PanaSource International Division

Our International Divison offers Eductional Twining with Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Canada, assist international students to attend education institutions in Canada, and assist foriegn workers through the work visa application process to work in Canada.

PanaSource Packaging Division

The Packaging Division manufactures Patented Moisture Resistent Packaging Products from Special Wax Coated Recycled Cardboard.

PanaSource Lighting and Electronics Division

Private Brand PanaScope LED Luminaires. Plus high quality reasonably priced Electronics including the Elodie38 Mini Router.


Unit 608,
300 Meredith Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7A8 


+1 (403) 272-3838
+1 (780) 446-5201