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Lethbridge Community College

Our Ednctional Divison offer Eductional Twining with Colleges and Universities from Canada. We also assist students from Asia to attend schools in Canada.


Lethbridge Community College's (LCC) mission and vision are grounded in workforce development. This primary purpose is accomplished through a focus that combines the highest quality career training with strong partnerships in the community.

LCC was established in 1957 as Canada's first public funded community college, and we've been helping people find and develop great careers ever since. From approximately 25 students in 1957 to more than 7,000 in 2004, the College has grown into a regional educational and economic force.

LCC is committed to learners and learning. The College demonstrates its commitment to learners through its vast array of support services and its awareness of stakeholder needs. It has an excellent reputation for aligning itself with industry, the community, and government. Our programs have industry-based advisory committees and regular curriculum reviews to ensure relevancy for workforce development.

The College offers training in almost 50 diverse career areas. We offer one-year certificate, two-year diploma, apprenticeship, pre-employment, and applied degree programs...many with options for alternative delivery like online and short-term courses.
Areas of Expertise
Lethbridge Community College provides a high-quality, innovative learning environment, which prepares learners for success in the workforce.


Lethbridge Community College provides vocational training in over 70 career areas via 1-year certificates, 2-year diplomas, apprenticeships, applied degrees, and pre-employment programs.

Interesting Facts: The primary goal of Lethbridge Community College is to develop relevant career-oriented programs to provide students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the modern economy. Programs are kept relevant through formal links with industry, which helps to review and re-develop, as needed, the Colleges offerings. Traditionally, the Colleges graduates have had a high degree of success in the labour market. In 2002-2003, for instance, over 94 percent of the Colleges graduates were working within 6 months or less of graduation, and 71 percent were employed in some aspect related to their chosen field of study.


Lethbridge Community College
3000 College Drive South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1K 1L6, Canada

Tel: 1-800-572-0103
Fax: 403-317-3500
Email: info@lethbridgecollege.ab.ca