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PanaSource Canada Group
#608, 300 Meredith Road N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
T2E 7A8
Phone: +1-403-272-3838
Fax: +1-403-230-2889
E-mail: sales@panasource.com
PanaSource Group Recognizes Service is Key to Success.

PanaSource Group is well equipped with tools and diagnostic equipment and is stocked with sufficient replacement parts and components. A wide range of after-sales service options are available both for on-site and depot needs. Technical staffs at PanaSource Group are well trained and experienced and they are backed by strong OEM support to ensure the clients obtain both the best and on time service.

PanaSource Group provides solutions for organizational clients with short and long term service and support needs. Same day service is our commitment to most of our local clients.

The following reflects the scope of service that PanaSource Group provides:

Aercospace Services: Our Aerospace Division is committed to the safe, secure, and profitable operation of your fleet. In addition to traditional product support, we provide a total package of integrated services - a one stop source for all your aircraft servicing and lease needs.

Coal Services: We are Mining and Trading Company direct to Iron ore and iron sand from Brazil and Indonesia. We also buy scarp metal from serious sellers. Serious business is what we do.

Educational Services: Our Ednctional Divison offer Eductional Twining with Colleges and Universities from Canada. We also assist students from Asia to attend schools in Canada.

Electronic Services: Our Electronic Division offer high quality and reasonable priced Electonic and Computer parts Design and Custom made. We cater to the most of the high quantity customer parts, design and custom made.

Metal Services: We are genuine suppliers of HMS 1, HMS 1&2, Used Rail, Iron Sand and Iron Ore. Our Rail and HMS scrap and Used Rail Iron comes from US,Russia, and European origins. Iron Sand and Iron ore originates from Brazil and Indonesia.